What is StuffSafe?

Got about 5 minutes? Get acquainted with StuffSafe and see just how simple it can to be create a home or business inventory.

Property details

The properties screen is your starting point within StuffSafe. From here you can add rooms and inventory items to each of your properties.

Drag-n-drop file upload

Attaching files to your inventory items for things like documentation, receipts, and product photos is a cinch. Just drag the files from your desktop into the browser and they start uploading immediately.
(This feature works with HTML5 compliant browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome...but not Internet Explorer...yet)

Go mobile

Creating your inventory can be as simple as walking around your house with your smart phone and the StuffSafe mobile app for iPhone or Android. Take pictures of your items, enter some details for each item, and click SAVE! No need to download a bunch of pictures from your camera to your computer before making your inventory.

Inventory charts

Quickly see how your inventory value is distributed. How much is your furniture or jewelry worth? Find out with our inventory category charts.

Nice PDF and Excel exports

If you ever need to send your insurance agent a copy of your inventory, you can export your entire inventory to a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet. This is a good way to back up your inventory should you decide to cancel your account.

Search everything

Your entire inventory is searchable. Search by room name, property name, category, tag, or item name. Quickly find that one item that needs to be updated or deleted.

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